Red Panda’s Book of Anxiety is a project designed to provide as many people as possible with the means to take their anxiety apart, piece by piece.


I’ve always wanted to find a manual for my own social anxiety – the missing rule book. I’ve spent the last few years solving my problems, and am hoping my observations will help other people.


Red Panda’s Book of Anxiety is going to be made available as an eBook for ‘pay what you can.’ Many people with social anxiety are unemployed (or underemployed), so I want to make sure that people who really need this will be able to access it.


Any money raised from this book is going to go towards creating a massive social interactions dictionary. I intend to detail as many social interactions as possible, and then present them in an easily searchable format online, as an app, and as a printable book. That social dictionary will take a lot of time and resources to make happen.


I am aiming to have this done by the end of November 2015. I will keep this site updated if things happen to get in the way of that goal.



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