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We have a pro artist!

I was going to try to manage all the art for this book myself, which was the main reason I wasn’t sure if I’d get it done by the deadline. And while I have made progress, and enjoy the skills I have, I wasn’t sure I’d be up to this task.

Thankfully, Tod Wills has offered to do the art for the book. If you haven’t seen his art before, trust me: he definitely knows how to draw red pandas. Check out this bookmark he made awhile back:

He’s also my husband and is totally awesome.

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Progress Update 1: Getting organized

I aim to do status updates on the Sunday prior to the 1st and 15th of every month (and of course now that I’ve planned and announced that, I’m not sure I’ll be able to meet that deadline. But it is important to have goals. I find them a good way to get organized.)

Today I managed to make the final rough outline for the book. I’ve figured out how to organize all the information together, and also keep it from being a gargantuan behemoth of a book that would take much more than a year to write.


The book will have two major sections, and an appendix. Here is a rough, general outline:

Section 1: Dismantling anxiety

This section will start off with how I formed my plan to deal with social anxiety, what worked and what didn’t. It will also include information from a lot of other people – folks who have SA, and folks whose work deals with SA.

Section 2: Coping

This section will have info on figuring out what coping techniques work, and also suggestions on things to try. I’ll be putting in things that worked for me and other folks I know, as well as things found online and in books. Getting permission to cite things is probably going to be a lengthier task for me than it really should be.

Appendix: Social dictionary.

After a lot of thought, I am going to keep the social dictionary minimal. The focus of this book is dismantling social anxiety, so focusing too much on learning different social interactions would dilute the book. It makes more sense to do that as its own project – which will involve getting a lot of other people to help me, so that it can be done right.
So the social dictionary in this book will have to focus on what will be most useful to people right then and there – things that can improve the worst experiences for people, and make coping easier.


So now what I have to do is flesh out the outline more, and decide what goes in each sub-section. Then goes the work of actually writing it, interviewing people, etc. (Thankfully I did write a lot of stuff in brainstorming sessions, so at least some of it only needs to be organized and revised.)

And of course there is the art, which I’ve started thinking about, but haven’t planned out in any detail just yet. I think, though, a book full of red pandas can not go wrong.

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Time to get started again!

I’m going to be working a bit on the art this book will be illustrated. As the name suggests, it’s going to be full of red pandas. (It won’t be a comic book, though. That’s a little too complicated for me, and would take much, much longer.)

I’m also working on some interview questions. I have some groups and people in mind that I’d like to ask some questions for. For instance, I’m hoping to get in contact with The Second City, an improv club/school that has programs for dealing with anxiety. Not being in the area, I haven’t been able to experience this program – but I have done some improv, and found it immensely helpful. There are also a few mental health groups I’d like to contact.

At this stage, I have ideas about what I want to say – but it’s all pretty disorganized right now. So I just have to push through that and keep fussing with it, and eventually everything will take shape.


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Progress is on hold.

Our cat very recently passed, and I am in no condition to continue any projects for the time being. I will alert everyone when I am ready to start working on this again.

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